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IAS Prelims_3

●Outer Space Treaty;-
↪Treaty forbids countries from deploying "Nuclear weapons or any other kind of weapons of mass destruction" in outer space
↪Initially called"Treaty on principles governing activities of states in the exploration & use of outer space including Moon & other celestial bodies
↪Around 90% Countries are member of treaty
•Habeas Corpus↪eximine the cause of legality of detention(public)
•Mandamus↪to public official(failed or refuse to perform)
•Prohibition↪SC->HC->DC(district court){only against judiciary}
•Certiorari↪Higher Court to lower court or Tribunal(lack of jurisdiction or error of low){against administrative also)
•Quo-Warranto↪Enquire into the legality of claim of a person to public office
●Common Services Centers(CSCs);-
↪flagship programme under "Digital India Programme"
●WIPO performances & phonograms treaty recognized moral right of the performers for the 1st time(other than copyright)
●Special Category States;-
↪states emerged based on "Gadgil Formula,1969(determined central assistance to states)
●River Terrapin↪in West bengal
●IndiGO(Indian Initiative in Gravitational-wave Observation);-
↪Is a consortium of indian 'gravitational-wave physics'
●Rights not available to foreigners;-
↪Article->15,16,19 &29,30
●Govt. can impose restrictions on the freedom of religion to protect;-
↪Public order, Morality & Health
●Public Credit Registry(PCR);-
↪will essentially provide a single-point &real time source for financial liabilities of a person or entity
↪And help bank in credit assessment as well as in making risk based provision.
●Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile(ICBM);-
•Nations have capabilities to launch are -
↪Permanent members of UNSC(China, France, Russia, US,Britain)+ Israel & India
●Is there any Cametos sea ?
●Plural Society;-
↪Is composed of different ethnic group or cultural traditions
↪they also provided rights of equal treatment & protection of law and cultural identity
●Famous towns lost their court(when British took over indian states);-
↪Thunjavur, Dhaka,Murhidabad
●In INDIA-Pakistan partition;-
↪India's jute industry affected (most) due to
↪Jute producing area became part of East Pakistan(bangladesh)
●GDP deflator ↪GDP(nominal- at market price)÷gdp(real- at constant price)
↪Combatant Commond of USA in Indo-Asia-Pacific region(for a region open to investment & free fair and reciprocal trade)
●National Consumer Disputes Redressal Comission(NCDRC);-
↪Is a quasu-judicial comission setup in 1988,(under Consumer protection act -1986)
↪A platinum-group chemical element
↪It doesn't oxidize easily,which is an important property of allowing scaling of magnetic memories
●Geographical Indications;-
•Chau Mask(wooden mask)↪Purulia
•Dokras(kind of mate)↪Bengal
•Patta chitra(scroll painting)↪WB & Odisha
●Corbett National Park(Uttarakhand);-
↪One of the richest birds region of india
↪Declared "Important Bird Area(IBA)"by Birdlife International
↪India's oldest & most prestigious National Park
●Nokma &Village Council;-
↪were the earliest political system of "Garos(Meghalaya)
↪Women is a village head while husband is supposed to assit her
●S-400 Triumf;-
↪Russia's most advance long-rang missile defence system, sold to India
•Economic History of India↪R.C. Dutt
•India divided↪Prasad Rajendra
•The land system of British India↪Powell Baden
●All India Trade Union Congress(AITUC);-
↪Oldest tade union of federation in india
↪was founded in 1920 by Lala Lajpat Rai,Joseph Batista, N M Joshi etc.[anti workers govt.]
●GeoIntelligence Asia -2018 seminar(11th);-
↪To brings together various stakeholders to examine the latest geospatial technology sol. In military & security applications.
●Olga Tellis vs Bombay Municipal Corporation;-
↪Regarding "Rights of Slum - dwellers(art-21)
●Indian plate borders with;-
•Somali plate, Arabian plate ,Australian plate,Burma plate,Eurasian plate
●Rights to Self determination for people;-gives
↪UN charter & International Covenant on civil and political rights
●Esemble Prediction System ↪Weather forecasting
●Iron Catastrophe(major event early in earth history);- was
↪Sinking of iron to the centre of earth leading to overall restructuring
●People Union for Civil Liberties(PUCL);-
↪Is a human right body formed in 1976 by Jayprakash Narayan
↪(aim)to be an organization free from political ideology
●Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institution(GANHRI);-
↪Coordinate the relationship b/w NHRI & UN human right system
↪Only non -UN body whose internal accreditation system(global Alliance)
↪It happens when light or other electromagnetic radiation from an object is increase in wavelength
●Gopabandu Sambadik Suwasthya Bima Yojana(by Odisha govt.)
↪health insurance upto 2 lakh for "Journalist"
●Environmental Kuznets Curve;-
↪Relationship b/w GDP per capita & Concentration of SO2 in local air is an inverted U-curve
↪"Solution to pollution is economic growth"
●Sec-144(CrPC)↪Magistrate can restrain an assembly meeting or procession
•Sec-141(IPC)↪assembly of five or more person becom Unlawfull assembly if T&C applied😏
●Partnership to Advance Clean Energy(PACE-D);-
↪flagship programme b/w USA & India
↪to promote low- carbon growth through clean energy & innovative financing mechanism
●Menaka Case(1978);-
↪"wider interpretation of article-21{protection under art-21 should be available not against arbitrary executive but also arbitrary legislative action🙏


  1. Hemant, thanks for all the crisp notes. just a suggestion, instead of all the 100 questions, you can simply provide the headings of topics dealing with current with one liners about em. as for static, only heading will do or even if static is not a part of the compilations. we usually don't dwell much into static of test series coz from each page we can atleast create 20-30 mcqs. thanks again.


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