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IAS Prelims_5

Fee↪ Help at least a poor in this week(especially woman or child)🙏

●'M3'-type (EVMs);-
↪Will stop functioning if someone tries to tinker it
↪Automatically detect and show it on display,If any fault with software or system
↪Control unit & ballot unit can communicate with each other
↪Will be used from 2019 LS- election
●Swatantra Party;-
↪formed in 1959 after Nagpur resolution of the congress(which called for land ceiling in agriculture, adoption of cooperative farming)
↪led by C.Rajagopalachari,K.M Munshi etc.
It was critical od policy of non-alignment & maintaining friendly relations with 'Soviet Union' {and advocated closer ties with US}
●Silk Road;-
↪founded by "General Zhang Qian"
↪Eurasia was criss-crossed with communication routs
↪Maritime routes were an important part of silk routes
↪Chairmanship of the forum is rotated annually in accordance with the acronym B-R-I-C-S
*1st &7th summit ↪Russia{then how in accordance B-R-I-C-S}
↪Is an odorless & tasteless metalliod widely distributed in the earth's crust
↪Contamination in ground water in Gangetic Plains(in South Asia)
●Denotified Tribes;-
↪are those that were labelled as Criminals through a legislation by British govt.
●COMCASA;-(is a Technology Enabler)
↪would allow the interoperability of some of the security related equipment of India &US
●Basic Exchange & Cooperative Agreement(BECA);-{for Geo-spatial cooperation}
↪would facilitate exchange of geo-spatial information b/w India & US for both Military &Civilian use
●Ambubachi Mela;-{Mahakumbh of East}
↪held at Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, Assam(4 days)
●SDGs Report;-
↪published by The United Nations
↪Consider future course of global space cooperation for benifit of humankind
●Space 2030 Agenda;-
↪will map out how space flight & space related activities can help achieve 17 SDGs
●Bharat 22 Exchange Trade Fund(ETF);-
↪this is in pursuance of its disinvestment policy targeting an initial amount of ₹6,000 Cr
●"Veil of Ignorance"{merit of Johan Rawl);-
↪He expects that in such a situation of complete ignorance about possible position & status in society. Each person wound take decision in their own interests{just to be their usual rational selves}
●Jayaprakash Narayan;-
↪was associated with
•congress socialist party
• socialist party & Janta party
●Amnesty International;-
↪was the 2nd oldest & largest NGO working to uphold human right in the world
after "International Federation for human right"
↪Is a three-stage heavy lift launch vehicle developed by ISRO & designed to carry
•4 ton↪ class of satellites into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit(GTO)
•10 ton↪Low Earth Orbit(LEO)
•and twice the capability of GSLV Mk-II
●Cowry shell money;-
↪Shell money is a medium of exchange similar to coin money
↪was important at one time or another in the trade networks of Africa, South Asia
↪shell money was first introduced early as 3000 BCE an active coastal trade linked the Indus Valley Civilisation(in West-Asia)
●THORPEX(The Observing System Research & Predictability Experiment);-
↪an activity of world whether research programme
↪focuses on identifying problem with forecasting & research
●Food long-distance cultural exchange;-
↪Many of our common foods like- Potatoes, Soya bean,groundnuts,maize,tomatoes, chillies, sweat potatoes etc. were not known to our ancestors until about five centuries ago
●Gaofen-11;-{Launched by China}
↪It is an optical remote sensing satellite
↪can be used for land survey, urban planing, agriculture etc.
●World Bank;-
↪Comprises "International Bank for Reconstruction & Development" and International Development Association(IDA)
↪was set up in 1945 to finance post-war reconstruction
•HQ↪Washington D.C(US)
↪Is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself
↪Basic belief behind homeopathy is "(like cures like).means a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in a healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people
•Ex-↪red onion makes our eyes water,si it's used in homeopathy remedies for "allergies"
●LIBOR(Intercontinental Exchange London Interbank Offer Rate);-
↪Is the world's most widely-used benchmark for short-term interest rates
↪It has a total of 35 interest rates(like for -> Overnight, One week,1-2-3-6-12 months etc.)
●Limited Test Ban Treaty(LTBT);-
↪was signed by US,UK &USSR in Moscow in 1963
↪LTBT baned nuclear weapons test in the atmosphere, in outer space & under water
●Pariwartan Scheme;-
↪to revitalise stressed power sector assets in joint venture with Power Finance Corp &Lenders
●Cloud seeding;-
↪Is a type of weather modification that aims to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds
●Humid tropical & Equatorial climates types dead vegetation is rapidly oxidized & leaving very low humus content in the soil
●Nipah Virus;-
↪it is transmitted from animals to humans
↪currently there are no vaccines for both human & animal
●Arabian Sea borders with;-  *
↪Yeman & UAE{not Qatar CORRECTION}
●CUTS International(Consumer Unity & Trust Society);-
↪CUTS began its journey in 1983,Rajasthan, from a rural development communication initiative a wall newspaper "Gram Gader(Village Revolution)
↪now it is a NGO in India & abroad
●FAME- Scheme;-
↪tp promote hybrid & electric technology vehicles
↪presently involve cash incentives for buyers of electric cars
↪Nearly half of the earth's crust is composed of feldspar
↪Silicon & Oxygen are common elements in all types of feldspar
●Coefficient of human inequality;-
↪Is calculated as "Taking a simple average of inequality across the three dimension of Human Development Index(HDI)
●Inter-Creditors Agreement(ICA);-
↪It is a part of the "Sashakt" plan approved by the govt. to address the problem of resolving bad loans
●FDI Confidence Index;-{released by global consultancy firms "A T Kearney "
↪It ranks countries which are likely to attract the most FDI in next 3 yrs
●Shakti peeth;-
↪are significant shrines & pilgrimage destination(Hundu) in shaktism
↪there are 108 shakti peethas
↪Most of them are in India but some are in Nepal, Bangladesh and one each in Tibet(mansarovar),Sri lanka
●Inner Line Permit(ILP);-
↪Is a official travel document to travel in N-E states(protected areas)
●Idate Commission;-
↪to deal with Denotified Nomadic Tribes(DNT)
●MP has highest ST population followed by Odisha
●National Council for Teacher Education(NCTE);-
↪was set up in 1995under NCTE act,1993
↪to formally oversee standards, procedure & processes in indian education
●International Committee on Global Navigation satellite systems(ICG);-
↪was established in 2005 under umbrella of United Nations
↪to promotes voluntary cooperation on matter of mutual interest related to civil satellite-based positioning navigation timings and value added service
●Elements on logo of "International Yoga Day";-
↪Earth, Sun & Leaves
↪India is in talks with US to procure
"National Advance Surface-to-Air Missile System-II(NASAMS-II)
↪Is the only scaly mammal on the planet
•IUCN status↪Critically Endangered(red list)
●The World Happiness Report;-
↪Is published by "United Nations Sustainable development Solution Network"
●Most salient feature of metamorphic rocks;-
•Foliation↪some rocks grains or minerals get arrange in layer or line.also called Lineation
↪Use Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) for making toll payment directly from prepaid account link to it.
●Brahmos Cruise Missile;-
↪Have an effective strike range of around 290-300 km
↪this can be launched from either Land,Sea, or Air
●UNDP Water Governance Facility(WGF);-
↪provides strategic water governance support to developing countries to advance socially equitable water and sanitation service etc.
↪to improve the livelihood of poor people
●1st Concessional Financing Scheme;-{by GOI}
↪to support indian entities bidding for strategically important infrastructure projects aboard
●GI -tag ;- (be given to )
•Industrial goods
•Agriculture products
●Group of 77(G77);-
↪G77 at the UN is a coalition of developing nation designed to promote its members collective economic interest & create an enhanced joint negotiating capacity in the UN
↪ Both INDIA and China are  members of G77


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