1 September 2018

●Uniform Civil Code (UCC);-
↪Is a proposal to have a generic set of governing laws for every citizen without taking into consideration the religion
•Article 44 of the Constitution says that there should be a Uniform Civil Code
•Reform family law;-{by Law Commission}
↪took a stand in favour of “equality ‘within communities’ b/w men & women” (personal law reform), “rather than ‘equality between’ communities” (UCC).
●Department of Official Language;-{set up in1975 under MoHA}
↪With a view to ensuring compliance of constitutional & legal provisions regarding official language & to promote the use of Hindi for official purposes of Union.
↪Part 17(Articles 343 to 351)dealing with official language 
•Hindi written in Devanagari script is the Official Language of the Union(English will continue to be used for all official purposes of the Union)
•Kanthasth(computer software)↪for translating all kinds of official files from English to Hindi & vice versa.
• Pravah (E-learning platform)↪Anybody can learn Hindi through his mother tongue with the help of this E-learning platform.(16 Indian languages including English)
●4th BIMSTEC summit;-{held in Nepal}
↪member states have signed a MoU for establishment of a Bimstec Gird Interconnection to enhance energy cooperation
•Theme↪Towards a peaceful, prosperous & sustainable Bay of Bengal region’
◆BIMSTEC" has 7 Countries {Bh-BIMST-Nepal}
•Bh↪Bhutan ,B↪Bangladesh,I↪India, M↪Myanmar, S↪Sri lanka, T↪Thailand,
●India Post Payments Bank;-
↪Is a public sector company with a 100% equity of GoI, & governed by RBI
↪It will focus on providing banking & financial services to people in rural areas, by leveraging reach of 1.55 lakh post office branches.
•Payments banks will mainly deal in remittance services & accept deposits of up to ₹1 lakh.
•It issue ATM/debit cards but not credit cards
●Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI);-
↪Is a statutory authority in charge of the waterways in India.• HQ↪ Noida, UP
•Jal Marg Vikas Project;-{expected to be completed in 2023}
↪seeks to facilitate plying of vessels with capacity of 1,500-2,000 tonnes in the Haldia- Varanasi stretch of the River Ganga
•NW 1↪Ganga-Bhagirathi-Hooghly river system from Allahabad to Haldia
●Pakal Dul hydropower project;-
↪1,000 megawatt hydroelectric power project on Marusadar River, a tributary of Chenab River, in J&K
●Lower Kalnai hydropower project;-
↪it involves construction of a 48MW hydroelectric power plant (dam, tunnel, powerhouse etc.)in J&K


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