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14 September 2018

●District Disability Rehabilitation Centre 
↪Provide comprehensive services to persons with disabilities
•National Conference of District Disability Rehabilitation Centres’↪is organized for taking the message of DDRCs further
•310 districts have been identified & 263 DDRCs have been set up.
●Section 498A of IPC;-
↪Was enacted to protect women from cruelty in matrimonial homes, its misuse to harass the other side too is causing social unrest
•S Court↪accused can now seek anticipatory bail
●Exporting Corruption Report;-{released by "Anti-corruption organisation Transparency International"}
↪Rating countries based on their enforcement against foreign bribery under OECD Anti-Bribery Convention
↪China, Hong Kong, India & Singapore (2%+or more of world exports), but not parties to the OECD (Anti-Bribery) Convention 
↪are classified for the first time & all fall into the lowest level (little or no enforcement)
●Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSGs);-
↪Is a multinational body concerned with reducing nuclear proliferation by controlling export & re-transfer of materials (nuclear weapons) 
•India sought membership of NSG since 2008 But(😔 China has stuck to its stand that new members should sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
•NSG member state gets⤵
↪information on nuclear matters.
↪become part of a very transparent process
↪Can act as an instrument of harmonization & coordination etc.
●Dairy Processing & Infrastructure Development Fund ;-
↪to bring more dairy farmers into organised milk marketing through cooperatives
↪borrowers will get the loan @ 6.5% per annum(for 10 years)
↪scheme will generate direct(40k) and indirect(1 lakh) employment opportunities
●NASA’s Orion spacecraft;-
↪Is built to carry a crew of four astronauts to the Moon & beyond
•It is built together with ESA
●National Water Awards;-{by Mo Water Resources}
↪With objective to encourage all stakeholders including NGOs, Gram Panchayats, Individuals etc. for adopting innovative practices of recycling & reuse of water

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