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17 September 2018

●‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ movement;-
↪aims to ensure a high standard of cleanliness across the country by 'Jan Aandolan'(to fulfill Gandhi ji’s dream of a Clean India)
●Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS);-{launched in 1993}
↪to provide a mechanism for MPs to recommend works of developmental nature based on locally felt needs.
•elected MPs(LS)↪can recommend works in their respective constituencies.
•elected MPs(RS)↪can recommend works anywhere in state from which they are elected.
•Nominated MPs(LS & RS)↪may select works for implementation anywhere in the country
●Ozone day;-{16 September}
↪Is observed every year for preservation of Ozone Layer
°Theme↪‘Keep Cool and Carry On'
•Ozone layer↪absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays(97-99%) which is harmful to human& other life forms
•Dobson unit↪used to measure ozone in the atmosphere
•Montreal protocol↪Is an international environmental agreement to protect earth's ozone layer
●MPATGM;-{developed by DRDO)
↪Is a third-generation anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)
↪Is reportedly boasts a top attack capability & has a maximum engagement range of about 2.5 KM
●ISRO launches two U.K. satellites;-
•NovaSAR↪Is a technology demonstration mission designed for ship detection & maritime monitoring & flood monitoring etc.
•S1-4↪ Is a high-resolution Optical Earth Observation Satellite, used for environment monitoring, disaster monitoring etc.
●CPCB report on river pollution;-
↪Number of polluted stretches(distance covers) of country’s rivers has increased to 351 from 302 two years ago
↪Maharashtra, Assam & Gujarat↪ three States account for 117 of 351 polluted river stretches
•Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB);- ↪statutory organisation(constituted in 1974) 
↪to promote cleanliness of streams & wells in different areas of the States 
●Paryatan Parv;-{Mo Tourism}
↪will showcase the cultural diversity of the country (for increase tourism)
●Pacific Asia Travel Association gold awards;-
↪for outstanding entries in four principal categories: Marketing,Education,Environment,&Culture
•Kerala Tourism won 2 gold by⤵
1)Yalla Kerala print campaign 
2)Live Inspired Posters
●Jharkhand became 5th state of India & 1st state in eastern India to introduces electric cars for official use

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