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19 September 2018

●Defence Acquisition Council (DAC);-
↪to counter corruption & speed up decision- making in military procurement
•DAC has approved procurement of⤵
1)Akash Missile Systems
2)Individual Under Water Breathing Apparatus (IUWBA)↪for Development
of T 90 Tanks
●zonal councils;-{statutory bodies}
↪they are only deliberative & advisory bodies.(to promote interstate cooperation and coordination)
•Union Home Minister(Chairman)
●‘e-Sahaj’ portal;-{under Mo Home Affair}
↪portal will facilitate an applicant to submit application online & also to view the status of his application
●International Telecommunication Union (ITU);-{founded in 1865}
↪Is an agency of United Nations (UN) to coordinate telecommunication operations & services throughout the world
•Members↪193 including all UN member states(except Republic of Palau)+Vatican City
●Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY);-
↪Providing financial support to farmers suffering crop loss/damage arising out of unforeseen events
•Modified guidelines⤵
°Include perennial horticultural crops 
°add on coverage for crop loss due to attack of wild animals
°Aadhaar number will be mandatorily etc.
●Pluto a planet again!
↪Pluto was discovered in 1930,(as 9th planet)
•In 2006, International Astronomical Union (IAU) laid down three conditions that must be fulfilled for a celestial body to be termed as a planet⤵
1)It must be round 🙋
2) it must orbit the sun
3) it must have “cleared neighbourhood” of its orbit.
And Pluto was rejected as a planet[Pluto shares its orbit with frozen gases & objects in Kuiper belt]
↪Scientists are arguing that denying Pluto planetary status is invalid & erroneous [planet doesn't have any support in research literature on which basis Pluto was rejected]
•Pluto has 5 known moons,('Charon' is the largest)

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