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4 September 2018

●Draft rules for E- Pharmacies;-{Mo health
& family welfare}
↪to enable registration of e pharmacies & monitoring of their functioning
↪Apart from registration, e- pharmacies have to obtain a license from State govt. to sell the medicines online
↪medicines like cough syrup & sleeping pills, schedule x drugs will not be sold online ..etc.
●WHO Regional Committee for South-East Asia;-{established in 1948}
↪It meets in September every year to review progress & formulate resolutions in health development in the Region
•Countries↪°all BIMSTEC members{Bh-BIMST-Nepal} & Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Maldives & Timor-Leste
●Catalonia Crisis;-↪Catalonia is a semi-autonomous region in north-east Spain,which accounts 20.07% of Spanish GDP
•controversy↪Catalan nationalists have long complained that their region sends too much money to poorer parts of Spain, as taxes are controlled by Madrid.
●RBI's Banking Ombudsman Scheme;-
↪Banking Ombudsman is a quasi judicial authority 
↪It covers all kinds of banks like public sector,Private,Rural banks as well as co-operative banks.
↪with objective to strengthen grievance redressal mechanism for customers
↪asked all commercial banks having 10 or more banking outlets to have an independent internal ombudsman(IO) to review customer complaints that are either partly or fully rejected by the banks
•Ombudsman↪Is a senior official,who has been appointed by RBI to address grievances & complaints from customers
●Hope Mars Mission;-↪Is a space exploration probe mission to Mars, set to be launched by UAE in 2020. ↪it will become the first mission to Mars by any Arab or Muslim country
↪project will answer scientific questions about the Red Planet
●Drug-resistant superbug spreading;-
↪scientists warned that Staphylococcus epidermidis,a superbug resistant to all known antibiotics that can cause "severe" infections or even death
•Staphylococcus epidermidis↪is a bacteria related to the better-known & more deadly MRSA superbug.
•Superbug↪also called multiresistant,is a bacterium that carries several resistance genes
●Maralal Camel Derby↪Is Kenya’s best known & most prestigious camel race
●France bans smartphone use in schools
●4th International Ayurveda Congress (IAvC);-{held in Netherlands}
↪focused on promotion & propagation of Ayurveda in Netherlands & its neighboring countries of Europe
↪It's jointly organized with Indian Embassy in Netherlands
●Mauritius remains top source of FDI to India followed by Singapore
●Exercise 'logoRapid Trident'↪is an annual, multinational exercise that serves as the validation for Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence unit

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