8 September 2018

●Bharat ke Veer;-{govt. granted status of trust}
↪It aims to enable willing donors to contribute towards the family of a braveheart who sacrificed his/her life in line of duty(Indian Armed Forces)
↪Max ₹15 Lakh/family(exempted from Income Tax)
•Akshay Kumar & Gopichand(badminton)
have been included as trustees
●Chabahar Port;-
↪Is located on the Gulf of Oman & is the only oceanic port of Iran
↪India can bypass Pakistan in transporting goods to Afghanistan
•Iran will handover strategic Chabahar port to an Indian company within a month
●MOVE:(1st Global Mobility Summit);-
↪aims to bring together stakeholders from across the sectors of mobility & transportation to co-create a public interest framework to revolutionize transport
•Mobility↪Is what keeps the engine of life running, it is a key to unlock the potential of India’s economy & people
●Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty(CTBT);-
↪Is the Treaty banning all nuclear explosions – everywhere, by everyone to ensure a world free of atomic weapons
↪Treaty can only enter into force after it is ratified by 8 Countries with nuclear capacity (US,China,India,Iran,Israel, North Korea, Pakistan)
↪Although 180+ countries have signed CTBT
●NASA’s Cassini spacecraft;-
↪scientists spotted a warming,high-altitude jet stream with a hexagonal shape at "Saturn’s northern pole"
•Cassini Mission;-{launched in 1997)
↪Is a cooperation b/w NASA, European Space Agency & Italian Space Agency
•Cassini–Huygens is an unmanned spacecraft sent to the planet Saturn
●Kepler Mission;-{launched in 2009}
↪designed to survey our region of the Milky Way galaxy to discover hundreds of Earth-sized & smaller planets in or near the habitable zone
•Kepler space telescope;-{by NASA}
↪has led to the discovery of over 2,300 planets so far
●Eight Avian Species Declared “Extinct”;-
↪Four out of eight species declared extinct belong to Brazil
↪Spix’s macaw, poo-uli,glaucous macaw etc.⬆
•By"BirdLife International"↪Is a global partnership of conservation organisations that strives to conserve birds,their habitats
•Important Bird & Biodiversity Area(IBA)↪Is an area identified using an internationally agreed set of criteria as being globally important for conservation of bird populations
●Bonnethead shark;-
↪It's first known omnivorous shark species identified by scientists recently
↪Is a very abundant, small hammerhead that is found in American continents only


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