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UPSC IAS Prelims_14

●Sabarimala temple opens to women of all ages;-
↪Women b/w age of 10 to 50 could not traditionally enter Sabarimala temple as they were considered 'impure' by virtue of being of reproducting age & hence mensurating
•Sabarimala↪is a Hindu pilgrimage centre located at Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala
●P-series fuels;-
↪are a family of renewable, non-petroleum liquid fuels that can substitute for gasoline
•are a blend of⤵
°Natural gas liquid
°Methyltetra hydrofuran(MeTHF)
°a co-solvent derived from biomass
●Strategic Trade Authorisation(STA);-
↪allow a certain item to be exported under defined conditions without a transaction specific license {with regard to exports from USA
•India is only South Asian nation on STA-1 list that has 36 countries(other Asian countries are Japan & South Korea)
↪India also has STA-2 status with 7 countries
●British Privy Council;-
↪Is a formal body of advisers to the sovereign of United Kingdom
↪Privy Council acted as an appellate body since 1926 with establishment of mayor's court in India [Before 1950,It(Privy Council)had the jurisdiction to hear appeal from India]
●Inequality Human Development Index;-
↪It capture the inequality in distribution of the same HDI dimensions [Life expectancy, adult literacy, average number of years of schooling and purchasing power]
●Rat hepatitis E virus;-(rat HEV)
↪Is a virus that infects our liver
↪Is transmitted largely through contaminated water
●Ryotwari System;-
↪It allowed the govt(British) to deal directly with the peasant (ryot) for revenue collection, and gave the peasant freedom to give up or acquire new land for cultivation
↪It was introduced by 'Thomas Munro' in 1820. Major areas of introduction include Madras, Bombay, parts of Assam and Coorgh provinces of British India
●Coffee↪requires warm & wet climate and well- drained "loamy soil"
↪lichen are thought to be among the oldest living things on earth
↪Is not a single organism
↪It is a symbiosis b/w different organisms ⤵
a fungus and an alga or Cyanobacterium
↪Is measure "Company's Operating performance
↪was an important ancient seaport and urban center on "Malabar coast"(on Kerala)
●Bihar Movement;-
↪was launched against misrule and corruption in the govt. of Bihar
↪It later turned against PM Indira Gandhi's govt. in Central{lead by Jayprakash Narayana}
●PDV(Prithvi Defense Vehicle)Mission;-
↪for engaging the targets in exo-atmosphere region at an altitude above 50KM of earth's atmosphere
●At Pericenter;-
↪a planet, comet or asteroid moving around the sun in an elliptical orbit comes closest to the Sun
●Section-8 of Representation of the people(RP)act,1951;-
↪disqualifies a person convicted with a sentence of two years or more from contesting elections
●Tx2’ programme;-{by World Wildlife Foundation}
↪aims to double world tiger population by 2022,(which is the year of tiger in Chinese calendar)
•Nepal is set to become first country in world to double its tiger population [235 wild tigers from around 121 in 2009]
•13 tiger range countries are⤵
[Indo-China,Russia,Thailand & Vietnam etc.]
●Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaam Mahabhiyan(KUSUM);-
↪for Installation of standalone off grid solar water pumps to fulfill irrigation needs of farmers not connected to grid
↪It would solarise only govt. pumps
●High Powered Money;-
↪Implies "the total liability of monetary authority of the country, RBI
●Coal gasification;-
↪is the process of producing syngas which consist of ⤵
•CH4, CO, H2, CO2, & H2O(water vapour)
●ASEAN Economic Community;-
↪was primarily established in 2015 to create a common market for the free exchange of good, services,work and capital
●Summer Island, Maldives;-
↪World largest 3D Printed reef has been submerged at this island
●Deep Ocean Mission;-
↪to boost india's sea exploration capabilities by⤵
•Deep-sea mining
•Ocean climate change advisory services
•Under-water vehicles & under-water robotics related technology etc.
●LooReview Campaign;-{by Mo Housing & Urban Affairs, under SBM}
↪It is aimed to encourage all local guides in India to rate and review public toilets on "Google" Maps
●Scrub typhus;-
↪Is an infectious disease with symptoms similar to any viral fever
↪However, it is caused by "Bacteria' (Not by Virus)
↪aims to ensure permanent membership on UN Security Council consist of⤵
•Brazil, Germany, India and Japan
●Two main constituents of "Granite" are⤵
↪Silica(72%)& Aluminium(14%)
●Endemic Species;-
↪are those that are found exclusively in particular regions
↪Is a platform that aims at monitoring and reviewing important programme and project of GoI (by addressing common men's grievances)
●Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojna;-
↪It aims to financially support those who lost their job or rendered jobless for what soever reasons due changing patterns
↪under Employees'state Insurance act,1948 for period of two years continuously
●World Investment Report;-
↪released by "UN Conference for Trade & Development(UNCTAD)
●Trilateral Transit Trade Agreement(TTTA);-
↪has been signed b/w⤵
•India, Iran & Afghanistan
●Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT);-
↪Is an initiative to setup "Compressed Bio-Gas(CBG)" fuel production plants
↪would benefite both vehicle-users as well as farmers & entrepreneurs
●GCTF Terrorist Travel Initiative;-{launched by United States & Morocco}
↪this initiative will strengthen UNSC Resolution 2396 aiming to stop terrorist travel altogether. [will improve capabilities for detecting & interdicting terrorist travel]
•Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF);-
↪Is an international multilateral counter-terrorism (CT) platform of 29 countries & EU for reducing terrorism worldwide
●Gripen E;-
↪Is a Fighter Aircraft
●Nagraj case ;-
↪Is related to "SC/ST promotion"
●Agmark online system;-
↪an online platform for processing applications related to quality certification mark ‘Agmark’ for agricultural products
•Agmark↪is certification mark that assures conformity to set of standards approved by Govt.

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