15 January 2019

●Indian harvest festivals;-
•Makar Sankranti↪is being celebrated when the Sun enters the Makar zodiac and the days begin to lengthen compared to nights
•Pongal↪ In South India ,particularly in Tamil Nadu
•Magha Bihu↪ In Assam and many parts of the North East
•Uttarayan↪"Gujarat" celebrates it in the form of the convivial kite festival of Uttarayan
•Maghi↪ In 'Punjab', Makar Sankranti is celebrated as Maghi
•Saaji↪In Shimla,HP Makara Sankranti is known as Magha Saaji
•Kicheri↪The festival is known as Kicheri in "UP" and involves ritual bathing
•Maghe Sankranti is a Nepalese festival 
●Devadasi system;-
↪Is a religious practice whereby parents marry a daughter to a deity or a temple.
↪In recent decades, the practice has been used to push young girls into prostitution
◆More than 36 years after the Karnataka Devadasis (Prohibition of Dedication) Act of 1982 was passed, the State government is yet to issue the rules for administering the law
●District mineral foundations;-{by Odisha govt.}
↪were instituted as non-profit trusts to work for the interest and benefit of persons and areas affected by mining-related operations (including Drinking water,Health,Women and child welfare,Education etc.)
●Formalin in Fish;-
↪Formalin is a toxic, colourless solution that is derived by dissolving formaldehyde gas in water.
↪It is a cancer-inducing chemical used to preserve fish
•Formaldehyde is a highly reactive, flammable gas
◆Bihar’s health department has imposed a blanket ban for 15 days on sale of fish from Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal
●Raisina Dialogue;-
↪is an annual geo-political event, organised by the Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation (ORF)
↪is designed to explore prospects and opportunities for Asian integration as well as Asia’s integration with the larger world
•fourth edition of the Raisina Dialogue, titled ‘World Reorder’, was recently held in New Delhi
●Crocodile Census;-{by Odisha}
↪population of the saltwater or estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) has increased
•There are three species of crocodilians—
1)Mugger crocodile↪also called the Indian crocodile,is found throughout the Indian subcontinent ['vulnerable' by IUCN]
2)Gharial or fish eating crocodile↪ is native to the Indian subcontinent.[Critically Endangered by IUCN.]
3)Saltwater Crocodile↪Is the largest of all living reptiles.[It listed as least concern by IUCN]. It is found throughout the east coast of India.
●Odisha celebrates 1st Turtle Festival in Puri;-
↪to create awareness and promote ideas on conservation of olive ridley turtles.
•Odisha has half of the world’s Olive Ridley turtle population and 90% of India’s turtle population lives in the state
•The Olive ridley turtles are the smallest and most abundant of all sea turtles found in the world [Recognized as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red list]
•Operation Kachhapa’↪for conservation of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle
●George,(the last known Achatinella apexfulva- a Hawaiian tree snail)↪died on New Year’s Day 2019
•making his species first to be declared officially extinct in 2019
●Delhi govt plans to start bird hospitals;-
↪to provide high-end specialized referral clinical support and treatment to the birds.
●PM Modi receives first ever Philip Kotler Presidential Award;-(for his outstanding leadership for the nation)
•Award recognises & celebrates achievements of organisations, marketing teams, and individuals in different industries around the world


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