22 January 2019

●Anti-Defection Law;-{10th Schedule}
↪MP or MLA Is deemed to have defected if he either voluntarily resigned from his party OR/disobeyed the directives of the party leadership on a vote OR/Independent members would be disqualified if they joined a political party(within 6 months)
●Triple-drug therapy for lymphatic filariasis;-{launched in Nagpur,MH} View — uploads.disquscdn.com 
↪to accelerate the global elimination of lymphatic filariasis
↪lymphatic filariasis is the most debilitating neglected disease,Spread by Mosquitoes,[It is usually contracted in childhood below age 5 years]
●Project ReWeave;-{launched by Microsoft}
↪to revive the handloom weaving ecosystem in India [Provide a platform to showcase signature collections created by the weaver communities]
●National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP);-
↪Is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme under the Ministry of Rural Development
↪It aims to provide financial assistance to the elderly, widows and persons with disabilities in the form of social pensions [as per the article 41 of DPSP]
●Arab Economic and Social Development Summit;-
↪to address issues of economic and social development among member-states [the refugee crisis in Arab countries is the worst humanitarian problem since World War II]
•It was formed in Cairo on 22 March 1945 with six members [now it has 22 members]
•This is the first time Arab countries have reached a consensus on encouraging Syrian refugees to return to their country
●Groundwater ‘time bomb’ is ticking;-
↪Researchers found that only half of all groundwater supplies are likely to fully replenish or re-balance within the next 100 years — potentially leading to shortages in drier areas. [This could be described as an environmental time bomb]
•India is the largest user of the groundwater in the world with almost 90% being used for drinking water and almost 60-70% for irrigation
●Methanol-blending in petrol;-
↪Is a promising fuel as it is clean, cheaper than fossil fuels and a good substitute for heavy fuels.(currently India imports methanol from Saudi Arabia and Iran)
•methanol (M-15) was blended with petrol and used in the existing BS-IV standard cars, found that the carbon dioxide emission had reduced substantially
●Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2019;-{held in Varanasi}
↪to recognise the contributions of NRIs in academic and professional fields across the world
•Chief Guest↪Prime Minister of Mauritius
◆9th January is usually set aside for celebrating Pravasi Bhartiya Divas is that Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa on this day in 1915
●Flamingo Festival at Pulicat lake;-
↪Is held every year to promote tourism in Pulicat and Nellapattu
◆The barrier island of Sriharikota separates Pulicat lake from the Bay of Bengal (and is home to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre)
●World Capital of Architecture;-
↪Is intended to become an international forum for debates about pressing global challenges from the perspectives of culture, cultural heritage, urban planning and architecture.
◆UNESCO has announced that the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro will be the World Capital of Architecture for 2020
●Arunachal govt. declares "Pakke Paga Hornbill Festival" as ‘state festival
•great hornbill↪is one of the larger members of the hornbill family(is long-lived, living for nearly 50 years in captivity)
•IUCN status↪ Vulnerable


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