23 January 2019

●Article 35A of Indian Constitution;-
↪Is an article that empowers J&K state's legislature to define “permanent residents” of the state and provide special rights & privileges to those permanent residents (like public sector jobs, acquisition of property in the State, scholarships etc.)
•It treats non-permanent residents of J&K as ‘second-class’ citizens.
●Mekedatu dam project;-
↪Being set up by Karnataka government, project is near Mekedatu,across the river Cauvery from Tamil Nadu
↪Its primary objective is to supply drinking water to Bengaluru
◆Tamil Nadu has moved to Supreme Court. (Saying that project violates the final award of the Cauvery River Water Tribunal)
●‘Size India’ project;-
↪project will reduce overall prices and the consumers will stand to benefit from it.
↪it will help to create a India-specific size chart for the textiles and garment industry
◆At present, large percentage of population face difficulty in finding clothes that fit them perfectly according to their body measurements
●Debt-to-GDP ratio of Centre and states;-
•The Centre’s total debt as a percentage of GDP reduced to 46.5% in 2017-18 from 47.5% as of March 31, 2014[Centre’s total debt increased 45%]
•The total debt of the States has risen to 24% in 2017-18,and is estimated to be 24.3% in 2018-19[total debt of the States increased almost 63%]
◆N.K. Singh committee↪said that the 60% consolidated Central and State debt limit was consistent with international best practices
●ILO Commission’s Future of Work Report;-
↪Report calls on governments to take steps to address the challenges caused by unprecedented transformations going on in the world of work [Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics will lead to job losses, as skills become obsolete]
◆It is time for a vision for a human-centred agenda that is based on investing in people’s capabilities
●Arrow 3 interceptor system;-
↪is intended to serve as Israel’s highest-altitude missile interception system.
◆It is jointly funded, developed and produced by Israel and the United States.
●Global Talent Competitive Index 2019;-{released by INSEAD business school }
↪is an annual benchmarking report that measures the ability of countries to compete for talent
◆report measures levels of Talent Competitiveness by looking at 68 variables such as ease of hiring, gender earnings gap, and prevalence of training in firms.
•India ranked at 80.(China at 45th)


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