13 February 2019

●5th International Dam Safety Conference–2019;-{held in Bhubaneswar}
↪Is a joint initiative of the Government of India, Government of Odisha and the World Bank
↪Dam professionals, academicians, scientists, as well as industries both from within the country and from around the world gather to deliberate on all aspects related to dam safety and the solutions that worked best in addressing dam safety concerns
•About 80% of our large dams are over twenty-five years old
●Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahaabhiyan or KUSUM scheme;-
↪aims to promote use of solar energy among the farmers
↪Solarization of existing grid-connected agriculture pumps to make farmers independent of grid supply and also sell surplus solar power generated to Discom and get extra income.
●Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill, 2019;-
↪Bill seeks to amend provisions of Cinematograph Act, 1952, in order to tackle film piracy by including penal provisions for unauthorized camcording and duplication of films
•bill proposes to make film piracy offences punishable with imprisonment of up to three years and fines that may extend to ₹10 lakh or both
●Swachh Shakti Programme;-{launched in 2017}
↪is a national event which aims to bring in to focus the leadership role played by rural women in Swachh Bharat Mission.
↪programme is attended by women panchs and sarpanchs from across the country.
●7th annual World Government Summit;-{ is being held in Dubai (UAE)}
↪is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of government worldwide
[It is basically a knowledge exchange center at the intersection between government, futurism, technology, and innovation]
●Minority Status of Aligarh Muslim University;-
↪In 1981, an amendment was brought in to accord the university minority status [which was held as unconstitutional by the Allahabad High Court]
↪Attorney General had told the Supreme Court that the Aligarh Muslim University could not be categorised as a minority institution.
•Now,Supreme Court has referred the petition seeking withdrawal of minority status of the Aligarh Muslim University to a seven-judge bench
•In St Stephens vs Delhi University case, 1992, SC ruled that these institutions(Minority) can have 50% seats reserved for minorities
●Formalin in Fish;-
↪Formalin is a toxic, colourless solution that is derived by dissolving formaldehyde gas in water.
↪It is a cancer-inducing chemical used to preserve fish
•Formaldehyde is a highly reactive, flammable gas
◆Bihar’s health department has imposed a blanket ban for 15 days on sale of fish from Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal
●Minimum support for minor forest produce;-
↪Minor Forest Produce (MFP) is a major source of livelihood for tribals living in forest areas
•It provides them critical subsistence during the lean seasons, particularly for primitive tribal groups such as hunter gatherers, and the landless [which is aimed at benefiting a majority of 10 crore tribals]
●1st Aqua Mega Food Park in Andhra Pradesh;-
↪government has commissioned Godavari Mega Aqua Food Park at Tundurru Village in Bhimavaram Mandal, "West Godavari District", Andhra Pradesh.
↪This is the 1st Mega Aqua Food Park operationalised exclusively established for fish and marine products processing in the State of Andhra Pradesh
●Mohar reservoir project;-{in Balod district,Chhattisgarh}
↪Mohar reservoir project is proposed across the confluence of river Dangarh and Dalekasa with a catchment of 143 square km
●Crying Keelback;-
↪Researchers find new snake in Arunachal- Crying Keelback (named for the mark below its eyes, that gives the illusion that it is crying) snake or the Hebius lacrim


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