31 January 2019

●150th anniversary of the organisation of the periodic table;-
↪Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev published the first periodic such table in 1869.
↪The table organizes all(almost) chemical elements by the number of protons in a given atom and other properties
◆International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is responsible for maintaining the periodic table
[Our trick of Periodic table was like"H Li Na Ki Rb se Fryad,Beta Mange Car Scooter Bap Raji..😀)
●Corruption Perception Index 2018;-
↪It is a composite index that draws from 12 surveys to rank nations around the globe [It takes note of range of factors like whether governmental leaders are held to account or go unpunished for corruption, bribery etc.]
•Denmark is the world least corrupt country scoring 88 out of 100 points.[followed by New Zealand and Finland]
•India’s ranking increased from 81st in 2017 to 78 in 2018
●“The Future of Rail” Report;-{released by the International Energy Agency (IEA)}
↪It examines how the role of rail in global transport might be elevated as a means to reduce the energy use and environmental impacts 
↪Rail passenger traffic in India has increased by almost 200% since 2000 & freight traffic by 150%
●Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development;-{was inaugurated by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at Rome.}
↪centre would facilitate coordination among the G7 and African countries on common initiatives in Africa to achieve the goals set by the 'Paris Agreement' and the 2030 Agenda
●Effects of global warming on El Niño in the 21st Century;-
↪As per the study, though the theater of action for El Niño is the tropical Pacific Ocean, it may impact weather phenomenon across the world. For Eg: The eagerly-awaited winter rain and snow storms over California did not occur over California during the latest extreme El Niño
•El Nino↪ is a climatic cycle characterised by high air pressure in the Western Pacific and low air pressure in the eastern
●Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC);-{founded in 2010}
↪BARC India has evolved a transparent, accurate & inclusive TV audience measurement system on the foundation of robust & future-ready technology backbone
●National Statistical Commission (NSC);-
↪was constituted with effect from 12th July 2006 with a mandate to evolve policies, priorities & standards in statistical matters.
●UAE and Saudi Arabia have launched a common digital currency called ‘Aber’;-
●Human Space Flight Centre (HSFC);-
↪hub of ISRO’s future manned missions, was inaugurated at ISRO HQ in "Bengaluru"
•HSFC shall be responsible for the implementation of Gaganyaan project 
●Cow urine may be adding to global warming;-
↪The urine from the ruminant is a source of nitrous oxide emissions (N2O), a gas that is 300 times more powerful than CO2


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