Bolo App

Bolo’ app:{launched by Google}
~ Google has launched a new application called ‘Bolo’ that aims to help children in primary school to read in Hindi and English.
•It comes with a built-in fun and helpful reading buddy, an animated character called ‘Diya’. The reading material available on the app will be completely free of cost
India has sealed a $3-billion deal with Russia for leasing a nuclear-powered attack submarine
~Under the pact, Russia will have to deliver the Akula class submarine, to be known as Chakra III, to the Indian Navy by 2025.
Odisha govt launches boat ambulance for remote villages
~boat ambulance service for those living in the remote villages near Bhitarkanika National Park in Kendrapara district.
[ It is meant to ferry people to hospitals and clinics in case of emergency]


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