Global Trademark System

Cabinet Approves Proposal to Align with Global Trademark System
1.The Nice Agreement (concluded at Nice in 1957)on the International classification of goods and services for the purposes of registration of marks.
2.The Vienna Agreement(concluded in Vienna in 1973) for setting up an International classification of the figurative elements of marks.
3.The Locarno Agreement(concluded at Locarno in 1968 ) for establishing an International classification for industrial designs.
•It would give an opportunity to include Indian designs, figurative elements and goods in the international classification systems
IPU-UN Women map of Women in Politics
•proportion of women ministers is at an all-time high at 20.7%(Jan 2019), 2.4% points higher compared to 2017.
•However, women’s representation in top-level leadership has decreased 
•Pakistan progressed from having no women ministers since 2012 to reaching its highest-ever share of women ministers at 12%


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