International Criminal Court (ICC)

International Criminal Court (ICC);-{located in The Hague,}
~ is the court of last resort for prosecution of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.
•Its founding treaty, the Rome Statute, entered into force on July 1, 2002.
•Malaysia has ratified the Rome Statute making it the 124th State party to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
•Each state party has one vote and “every effort” has to be made to reach decisions by consensus
National Rural Economic Transformation Project
~is additional financing to the $500 million National Rural Livelihoods Project (NRLP) approved by the World Bank in July 2011
•India has signed a $250 million loan agreement with the World Bank for the National Rural Economic Transformation Project (NRETP) 
[that aims to help women in rural households shift to a new generation of economic initiatives by developing viable enterprise for farm and non-farm products]
Annual Frontiers Report 2019 ;-{published by the United Nations (UN)}
~Pollution caused by the reactive forms of nitrogen is now being recognised as a grave environmental concern on a global level.
•Nitrogen is an inert gas that’s necessary for life. But we’re changing it into forms that are harmful 
[report claims that the total annual cost of nitrogen pollution to eco system and healthcare services in the world is around $340 billion]
National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG)
~It aims to promote good governance through Capacity Building on Public Policy and Governance both at National and International Level and carrying out studies/ action research on issues relating to governance.
CERT-In (the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team)
~is a government-mandated information technology (IT) security organization
•purpose of CERT-In is to respond to computer security incidents, report on vulnerabilities and promote effective IT security practices throughout the country.


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