Italy set to become first G7 country to join ‘Belt and Road’ initiative

Indian Forest Act amendment
~While the preamble of IFA, 1927, said the Act was focused on laws related to transport of forest produce and the tax on it,
• the amendment has increased the focus to “conservation, enrichment and sustainable management of forest resources and matters connected therewith to safeguard ecological stability 
•IFA also defines the procedure to be followed for declaring an area to be a Reserved Forest, a Protected Forest or a Village Forest.
Italy set to become first G7 country to join ‘Belt and Road’ initiative.
~BRI aims to connect the East Asian economic region with the European economic circle and runs across the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.
•BRI is China’s ambitious project announced in 2013. It covers about 65% of the world population, 60% of the world GDP and over 70 countries in six economic corridors
•India’s growing concerns over Chinese hegemonic intentions in South Asia and Indo-Pacific region make it practically unlikely that India will ever consider joining this project.
Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA)
~The Act makes it a crime to support any secessionist movement or to support claims by a foreign power to what India claims as its territory.
•Act introduces a vague definition of terrorism to encompass a wide range of non-violent political activity, including political protest.


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