Kaladan project

Ramakrishna Paramhansa 
~He was one of the leading Hindu spiritual leaders in 19th century.
•He was born on February 18, 1836, in West Bengal.
•He emphasised that the realization of the existence of God is the supreme goal of all living beings. [For him, various religions were only a means to reach the Absolute.]
Contempt of Court
•Civil contempt’~> is a ‘wilful disobedience to any judgment, decree, direction, order, writ or other processes of a Court
•Criminal contempt~>Scandalises or tends to scandalise, or lowers or tends to lower the authority of, any court.
Kaladan project:
•The Kaladan project connects Sittwe Port in Myanmar to the India-Myanmar border
•project was jointly initiated by India and Myanmar to create a multi-modal platform for cargo shipments from the eastern ports to Myanmar and to the North-eastern parts of the country through Myanmar


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