National Register of Citizens (NRC)

National Register of Citizens (NRC);-
~address the issue of illegal migrants in Assam, specifically from Bangladesh
•Who is a citizen in Assam??????
~all Indian-origin people who came from Bangladesh before January 1, 1966 to be deemed as citizens
~Those who came b/w JAN 1,1966 & March 25, 1971 were eligible for citizenship(after living 10 years)
Arecanut gets its first GI tag for ‘Sirsi Supari
~Sirsi Supari’ grown in Uttara Kannada has received the Geographic Indication (GI) tag. It is cultivated in Yellapura, Siddapura and Sirsi taluks
~are the world’s last refuges where high numbers of threatened species still persist. Cool-spots could be the result of protection or because of intact habitat that has not been cleared yet.
Starry dwarf frog- a thumbnail-sized species was recently discovered in India’s Western Ghats
~Scientists have named the frog Astrobatrachus kurichiyana for its constellation-like markings and the indigenous people of Kurichiyarmala


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