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Daily Quick Revision current Affairs || 26 September 2019

Paika Rebellion
•200-years ago in 1817, a valiant uprising of soldiers led by Buxi Jagabandhu (Bidyadhar Mohapatra) took place in Khurda of Odisha. [This is known as Paika rebellion]
•President Ram Nath Kovind to lay the foundation of a memorial dedicated to the 1817 Paika Rebellion
How a US President can be impeached?
•US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently announced that the House would launch an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump! [over his alleged efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, Trump’s potential rival in the 2020 elections]
【Election campaign has started in US with international community!】
•No US President has ever been removed as a direct result of impeachment
•The Senate has 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and two independents who usually vote with the Democrats. Conviction of the President would require 67 votes, which cannot happen unless some Republicans vote against him
Poshan Maah(National Nutrition Month);-
•It seeks to synergise all efforts by leveraging technology & intends to take nutrition awareness at grass root level by Jan Andolan 
•being celebrated during the month of September across the Country{by MoWCD}
•POSHAN Abhiyaan : aims to ensure service delivery & interventions by use of technology
‘TB Harega Desh Jeetega’ campaign
•Campaign aims to improve and expand the reach of TB care services across the country, by 2022. [to eliminate tuberculosis from India]
•United Nations has marked 2030 as a global target to eliminate TB worldwide but the Government of India has made 2025 as its target to eliminate tuberculosis from the country.
•TB is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and the leading cause from a single infectious agent, ranking above HIV/AIDS.
•TB is an infectious disease caused by the bacillus Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
•It typically affects the lungs (pulmonary TB) but can also affect other sites
The highest percentage of patients who tested positive for TB and were also infected with HIV came from Nagaland (15.6 per cent), followed by Karnataka (10 per cent)
Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSGs);-
↪Is a multinational body concerned with reducing nuclear proliferation by controlling export & re-transfer of materials (nuclear weapons) 
•India sought membership of NSG since 2008 But(😔 China has stuck to its stand that new members should sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
•NSG member state gets⤵
↪information on nuclear matters.
↪become part of a very transparent process
↪Can act as an instrument of harmonization & coordination etc.
Quantum Supremacy
•Google researchers claim to have achieved a major milestone in computer science known as “quantum supremacy
•Quantum computers work by harnessing the properties of quantum mechanics.
•Quantum computers use logical units called quantum bits, or qubits for short, that can be put into a quantum state where they can simultaneously represent both 0 and 1.
Calculation Test
•This calculation involved checking whether the output of an algorithm for generating random numbers was truly random.
•The researchers were able to use a quantum computer to perform this complex mathematical calculation in three minutes and 20 seconds, according to the paper.【They say it would have taken Summit 3—an IBM-built machine that is the world’s most powerful commercially-available conventional computer—about 10,000 years to perform the same task
National Water Mission Awards
•The awards are given to incentivise an organisation/company through awards recognising excellence in water conservation, efficient water use and sustainable water management practices
•It is one of the eight missions launched under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) for combating the threats of global warming.
Objective s
•To conserve water.
•To minimise the wastage of the water.
•To ensure equitable distribution across the country and within States through integrated water resources management
Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM)
•EAC-PM is an independent body constituted to give advice on economic and related issues to the Government of India, specifically to the Prime Minister
•These could be either suo-motu or on reference from the Prime Minister or anyone else. It also includes attending to any other task as may be desired by the Prime Minister from time to time.
Sardar Patel National Unity Award:Hide —

•It is the Highest Civilian Award for contribution to Unity and Integrity of India.
•The Award seeks to recognize notable and inspiring contributions to promote the cause of national unity and integrity and to reinforce the value of a strong and united India.
•The award will be announced on the occasion of the National Unity Day, i.e. the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel on 31st October.
•The Award would consist of a medal and a citation. No monetary grant or cash award would be attached to this Award.
Not more than three Awards would be given in a year.
[A notification instituting the Sardar Patel National Unity Award was recently issued by Ministry of Home Affairs.]
•It is an Indian Coast Guard Ship commissioned recently.
•It will enhance the surveillance and patrolling capabilities of Indian Coast Guard and reinforce their role as ‘Sentinels of our Seas’.
•It has been designed and built indigenously by Larsen & Toubro (L&T) at its Katupalli ship building yard in North Chennai.
ICC’s demerit point system
•ICC’s demerit points system is a player’s personal disciplinary record. They get expunged after a 24-month time period.
•When a player reaches four or more demerit points within 24 months, the demerit points are converted into suspension points leading to a player getting suspended from international cricket.
World Maritime Day 2019: September 26 
•Celebrate the maritime industry’s contribution to the global economy.
•It emphasises on the importance of maritime security, marine environment and shipping safety.
Theme: “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”.

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