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‘Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism’ (CCIT)

‘Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism’ (CCIT)
•It is a draft proposed by India in 1996 that is yet to be adopted by the UNGA.
•It is a proposed treaty which intends to criminalize all forms of international terrorism and deny terrorists, their financiers and supporters access to funds, arms, and safe havens. 
▫️Universal definition of terrorism: no good terrorist or bad terrorist.
•Ban on all groups regardless of country of operation, cut off access to funds and safe havens.
•Prosecution of all groups including cross border groups etc.
There was no change in the five countries most impacted by terrorism, which include Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan. All of these countries have been ranked in the worst five every year since 2013.
•[Vice President appeals to world community to ensure early conclusion of UN Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism]

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