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Daily Quick Revision Current Affairs || 17 October 2019

What is a Waqf Hide —

•It is also known as hubous or mortmain property, is an inalienable charitable endowment under Islamic law
•which typically involves donating a building, plot of land or other assets for Muslim religious or charitable purposes with no intention of reclaiming the assets
•A non-Muslim can also create a waqf but the individual must profess Islam and the objective of creating the waqf has to be Islamic.
Waqf Board : It is a juristic person with power to acquire and hold property and to transfer any such property.
•The board can sue and be sued in a court as it is recognised as a legal entity or juristic person.
[Sunni Waqf Board has offered to drop its claim to the disputed temple-mosque site in Ayodhya and has no objection to the land being taken over by the government for a Ram Temple, a mediation panel of the Supreme Court has said in its report]
Van Dhan Internship Programme: Organised by TRIFED under Ministry of Tribal Affairs
•The initiative aims to promote MFPs-centric livelihood development of tribal gatherers and artisans.
•It mainstreams the tribal community by promoting primary level value addition to MFP at grassroots level
•Minor Forest Produce (MFP) is a major source of livelihood for tribals living in forest areas. The importance of MFPs for this section of the society can be gauged from the fact that around 100 million forest dwellers depend on MFPs for food, shelter, medicines and cash income
Food Safety Mitra (FSM) scheme
•For strengthening and scaling up ‘Eat Right India’ movement & support small and medium scale food businesses to comply with the food safety laws and facilitate licensing and registration, hygiene ratings and training.
•Apart from strengthening food safety, this scheme would also create new employment opportunities for youth, particularly with food and nutrition background.
Eat Right Movement:
•It was launched by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).
•The movement aims to cut down salt/sugar and oil consumption by 30% in three years.
•It also aims to engage and enable citizens to improve their health and well-being by making the right food choices
State of the World’s Children report 2019 : released by UNICEF 
•The report has ranked countries in the order of ‘highest burden of death among children of under-5’ to the ‘lowest burden of death among children of under-5’. 
•The report analyses the global state of children’s health vis-a-vis malnutrition, obesity, anaemia and other health issues
•One in three children(33%) under the age of five years — around 200 million children worldwide — are either undernourished or overweight
•In India, every second child is affected by some form of malnutrition.
•35% of Indian children suffer from stunting due to lack of nutrition, 17% suffer from wasting, 33% are underweight and 2% are overweight
•UNICEF has laid out recommendations for nutritious, safe and affordable diets for children across the world: 
like empower families to reduce demand for unhealthy food.etc.
20th Livestock Census: released by Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
•Total Livestock population is 535.78 million- an increase of 4.6% over Livestock Census-2012.
•Total Bovine population (Cattle, Buffalo, Mithun and Yak)-79 Million in 2019- an increase of about 1% over the previous census.
•Livestock products comprised 32 per cent of the total value of agriculture and allied activities in 2006-07 which was a noticeable increase from 27 per cent in 1999-2000 
•when we think of the goal of inclusive growth, we should not forget that from equity and livelihood perspectives, livestock rearing must be at the centre of the stage in poverty alleviation programmes.
Project Soli: (Google announced Project Soli in 2015) View — 
•Google’s Soli is a purpose-built chip to track your motion on a microscopic scale.
•It uses miniature radar for real-time motion tracking of the human hand; it’s able to track sub-millimetre motion at high speeds with great accuracy
•it works by emitting electromagnetic waves with objects within the beam reflecting information back to the antenna.
•Information gathered from the reflected signal – things like time delay or frequency changes – give the device information about the interaction. 
•Recently launched Google Pixel 4 (mobile) uses a radar-based Soli chip to introduce Motion Sense, a feature that provides similar touchless gesture-based controls.
Eat Right Jacket’: Launched by Mo Health and Family Welfare.
•These jackets will be used by the field staff.
•This jacket has a smart design to hold tech devices like tablets/smart phone, a QR code and RFID tag for identification and tracking.
Eat Right Jhola’:Launched by Mo Health and Family Welfare. View — 
•It is a reusable cloth bag shall replace plastic bags for grocery shopping in various retail chains
2nd phase of GOAL: Digital Skill Training Programme for Tribal Women:
•Jointly launched by Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Facebook.
•Aims at encouraging, inspiring and guiding tribal women from across India to become local level digitally literate leaders.
•The program will give technical support to the socially and economically marginalized women for their needs to succeed, using the technology they may otherwise have not had access to
Tulagi Island: View — 
•It is a part of Solomon Islands.
•A Chinese company recently signed an agreement to lease this entire island after Beijing recruited the Pacific nation as its latest ally in the strategically important region.

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