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Dark Grey’ list of FATF

‘Dark Grey’ list of FATF
•According to FATF rules there is one essential stage between ‘Grey’ and ‘Black’ lists, referred to as ‘Dark Grey’.
•‘Dark Grey’ means issuance of a strong warning, so that the country concerned gets one last chance to improve, another official said.
•Pakistan is on the verge of strong action by the international terror financing watchdog FATF and the country may be put in the ‘Dark Grey’ list, the last warning to improve.
•If Pakistan continues with the ‘grey list’ or put in ‘Dark Grey’ list, it would be very difficult for the country to get financial aid from the IMF, the World Bank and the European Union, making its financial condition more precarious
•Pakistan has been described as a safe haven for terrorists by western media and the United States Defense Secretary

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