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Global Hunger Index-2019;-

Global Hunger Index-2019;-{released annually by 'Welthungerhilfe & Concern Worldwide'} Hide —

↪GHI scores are based on 4 main indicators⤵
1.UNDERNOURISHMENT↪ reflecting insufficient caloric intake
2.CHILD WASTING↪low weight-for-height U-5
3.CHILD STUNTING↪low height-for-age(U-5)
4.CHILD MORTALITY↪deaths per 1000 live birth(U-5)
India ranked 102 on the index among 117 qualifying countries with a score of 30.3 [serious hunger]
•Pakistan (94) : in 2015 pak was at 106 (and india was at 93)
•Around 90 per cent of children aged between 6 and 23 months in the country don’t even get minimum required food 😔!

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