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What Is in the New Brexit Deal

What Is in the New Brexit Deal
•UK will honour EU rules till the end of 2020.
•Rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens in the EU will be guaranteed.
•Northern Ireland will be aligned with the EU single market for goods while it will legally part with the EU.
•There will be customs borders between Great Britain and the Irish Island etc.
•In a 2016 referendum, Britons choose to leave the EU
•May’s Brexit defeats led to her political downfall, and she resigned her premiership in June.
•New head- Boris Johnson took over in July.
•Johnson promised that he would deliver Brexit for the United Kingdom, “do or die,” by the current deadline of October 31. Johnson has said he’ll achieve what May failed to do
•Leaving the EU without any deal promises chaos for both the UK and the rest of Europe — yet some Brexit devotees are willing to take the risk because they believe it would deliver a swift and decisive end to the UK’s relationship with the EU

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