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•In an effort to integrate the region & to promote strategic alignment among the member-states [the grouping was formed in 1997]
•BIMSTEC has 7 members [Bh-BIMST-Nepal]
° Bh-->Bhutan
° B --> Bangladesh
° I --> India
° M --> Myanmar
° S --> Sri Lanka
° T --> Thailand
° Nepal --> means Nepal
•First ever ‘BIMSTEC Ports’ Conclave will be held at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.
•The Conclave will explore the possibility of increasing economic cooperation by furthering EXIM trade and coastal shipping.
•The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in the world. Over one-fifth (22%) of the world’s population live in the seven countries around it, and they have a combined GDP close to $2.7 trillion [ How?, $ 2.9 trillion+ GDP belongs to india only!]
•The Bay also has vast untapped natural resources. One-fourth of the world’s traded goods cross the Bay every year.

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