Emission Gap Report: [released by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)]

Emission Gap Report: [released by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)] Hide — uploads.disquscdn.com

•It measures the gap between what we need to do and what we are actually doing to tackle climate change.
•Also called as the “Commitment Gap”, it is the difference between the low level of emissions that the world needs to drop to, compared with the projected level of emissions based on countries’ current commitments to decarbonization.
•The world will fail to meet the 1.5°C temperature goal of the Paris Agreement unless global greenhouse gas emissions fall by 7.6 per cent each year.
Global temperatures are set to rise about 3.2 degrees C by 2100
•The top four emitters (China, USA, EU and India) contributed to over 55% of the total emissions over the last decade, excluding emissions from land-use change such as deforestation.
•India is the fourth-largest emitter of Green House Gases (GHGs). [It is among a small group of countries that are on their way to achieve their self-declared climate targets under the Paris Agreement.]


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