Global Migration Report 2020

Global Migration Report 2020: released by International Organisation for Migration’s (IOM)
India accounts for the highest share with 17.5 million Indians living outside the country.
•India is followed by Mexico (11.8 million) and China (10.7 million).
•Roughly two-thirds of international migrants are labour migrants.
•International remittances in 2018 (2020 report) reached $689 billion, out of which India received $78.6 billion from the 17.5 million living abroad.[ in 2019 it was around $ 83 billion]
•The top migration corridors for Indians are the United Arab Emirates, the US and Saudi Arabia, Indonesia ,UK ,and Canada
•Highest number of migrants entering India come from Bangladesh.
•The United States was the top remittance-issuer, at $68 billion, followed by the United Arab Emirates ($44.4 billion) and Saudi Arabia ($36.1 billion).
India’s cold wave zone:
•India’s cold-wave zone covers the north Indian states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and also other states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar.
【 India’s cold-wave regions to have warm winter this year as per IMD】


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