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Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG)
•PVTGs are more vulnerable among the tribal groups.
•They have declining or stagnant population, low level of literacy, pre-agricultural level of technology and are economically backward.
•They generally inhabit remote localities having poor infrastructure and administrative support.
•In 1975, the Government of India initiated to identify the most vulnerable tribal groups as a separate category called PVTGs and declared 52 such groups, while in 1993 an additional 23 groups were added to the category, making it a total of 75 PVTGs out of 705 Scheduled Tribes
•Among the 75 listed PVTG’s the highest number are found in Odisha (13), followed by Andhra Pradesh (12)
The criteria followed for determination of PVTGs are as under:
•A pre-agriculture level of technology.
•A stagnant or declining population.
•Extremely low literacy.
•A subsistence level of economy.


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